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The school has three terms: Term 1: January to March, Term 2: May to July, Term 3: September to November.
Yes,all pupils are picked and dropped at their respective homes.This is off course pre-arranged by the school and the parents,as some prefer picking up their children.
Children joining the school on transfer will have to undergo a progress assessment which will determine the level they will be placed irrespective of their age.
The programs at Royal Montessori Academy are outlined as follows:

Toddler Program is for students 18 months of age to 3 years of age. Each student must be 18 months enroll into this program.

Preschool Program is for students 3 years old to 5 years old. Each student must be 3 years old by Januarry 1st of the current school year and be potty trained to enroll in this program.

Kindergarten Program is for students 5 years old by January 1st of the current school year. Children are only eligible to move up within our programs January 1st of each year pending availability in the next level of the program.